Hello everyone!

Please read this blog carefully; don't assume I'm leaving, but....

I have the "downloaded thru E-Shop" version of Style Savvy Trendsetters, and the SD card that had its save data got a little... messed up... after i encountered a save data problem with Animal Crossing New Leaf (which i had also downloaded recently); and, so far I never recovered either's data (ACNL i just started over) but as for SST i didn't want to go near the SD card again for a while, incase i messed up things further...

But there's good news! I got a new 3DS XL fairly recently (after the incident) and so I'll have to start everything over anyways :P

So if I can re-buy/re-download SST, I can just start over again, and do even better~! ;3

And I'd like to thank everyone here for keeping the wiki going! Keep up the great work~!

I'll announce again once I get SST on my new 3DS... but until then, I'll just post pictures I have of my old SST file.

(Unless i magically recover my old data lol)

I'm really sorry for the inconvenience! But I won't dissapear forever, I swear! *^*

I'll also try to make more edits to the wiki as well, and some more "admin-ey" things too, lol~