hi, I know this place is pretty slow and empty at the time- but I was thinking of something. This wikia is supposed to be for all of the series, or at least that seems to be the case if you read whats on the front page.

However, I also noticed a lack of articles for the first game (which may have been a bit obscure to begin with so I don't remember it being released in my territory compared to most games), but there's still ways of playing it on Emulators and watching videos and junk.

Anyway my point is about that. Looking at this wiki, it feels like a wiki JUST for the Trendsetters game; so I was trying to figure out how I could help this. Should I help add Fashion Forward/Game 3 content here, or make a whole new wiki just for it. In the end I decided that making a whole separate wiki may be in order. It'll be way less confusing for new members or guests, and be less cluttered.

I'm excited to lend a hand/help with FF-related content, but I'm just not sure if it should be done here, or somewhere else. I was kind of wondering what other members here or visiting would prefer: A wiki dedicated to the entire series as a whole, or 2/3 separate wiki?

I was also considering seeing if it was possible to adopt this wiki and become an Admin for it, since I feel like there are some minor things I could tend to as an Admin...