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Teagan (PAL: Tess) is the photographer in Style Savvy: Trendsetters. She photographs events and is there to photograph you when you win a contest. Teagan also runs a photo studio you can take pictures at until late at night. She is kind of wild and tigers are her trademark, whether she is refering to someone as a tiger or asking for it. She takes the role of Libby from the previous game. Unlike Libby, she comes to your shop pretty often, and whereas Libby took pictures of you on outings, Teagan usually does not. Intstead, you can take pictures with your cell phone (the R button) and whoever you go out with will also offer to take a picture.


She turns into another person when she's behind her camera.
PAL: Her personality changes when she takes photos.


Alongside her black bob and ever-present hat, Teagan also always has her camera. She is short, pale, and has a more large set of eyes.

Style InterestEdit




Hey! Get over here tiger!
Give me fierce!


  • She recieved her camera from her grandmother.

Say, "Cheddar!"


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