Shabnam is one of the customers in the PAL version of the game. She is atratted to sporty or sometimes lively clothes. She will mainly visit your boutique with Scarlet, or sometimes on her own. If you dress your assistant up in sporty clothing, she will often come to your boutique. If you pick her a outfit or item, she will become happy. If you pick her the wrong outfit, she will not come to the boutique however, she requests various items similar to what she had requested.

Appearance Edit

Shabnam has the Layered Crop hairstyle with Khaki in base and Chestnut in highlights. She has olive skin. She has similar Betty Boop eyes and thin mouth. She wears Mini Mimi and a bit of ROKIAN makeup. She wears the 29 t-shirt, purple and blue color block shorts, bluegreen socks, and two various trainers. In the Spring season, she wears an Basic U waistcoat. In the Autumn season, she wears an Brooke Bridge lined blue cardigan. In the Winter season, she wears clothing that appears to be of various brands, including Zip Line, Marzipan Sky, and Basic U.

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