HNI 0018

The player and Daphne in the Fall

Seasons in Style Savvy Trendsetters follow along with seasons in real-time based on clock set on the 3DS.  There are four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall.  

Certain clothing will only be available for purchase in certain seasons, additionally the clothing customers are willing to wear will change depending on the season's weather.

Character events and locations for event also change with seasons..

Spring (Mar. 1)Edit

Spring begins March 1st.  Stores offer a variety of items to go along with the neutral warm weather.

Event 'Locations:

  • Shamrock River 
  • Rose Garden

Summer (Jun. 1)Edit

Summer begins June 1st.  Stores offer clothing more approriate for warmer weather such as bikini-tops and shorts.  Customers may not purchase an outfit if there are too many layers (wearing an outerwear item) based on the weather.

Events Locations:

  • Beach
  • Fourth of July *
  • Lavender Fields
  • Rose Garden
  • Starry Hill

Fall (Sept. 1)Edit

Fall begins September 1st. Stores begin to offer more clothing for cooler weather.

Events Locations:

  • Rose Garden
  • Concert Venue
  • Station Plaza
  • Cake Shop
  • Tearoom
  • Amusement Park

Winter (Dec. 1)Edit

Winter begins December 1st.  Stores will offer more outerwear as well customers may not purchase an outfit unless an outerwear item is included based on the weather.