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Rocco (PAL: Milano) is the son of the Grand Pheonix of Fashion, (i.e: Roccoco). He can only be seen Downtown, observing people's fashion sense, including you.

Bio Edit

Appearance Edit

Rocco has mauve hair with a dull, light blue fringe. He never takes his sunglasses off.

Personality Edit

Rocco is a lot like his mother, however, he likes you from the start and appears to dress "normally" in comparison. His dialogue is unique, and he likes to make jokes when complimenting outfits, such as saying, "Your outfit is out of this world. Are you an alien? Take me to your fashionable mother ship!"

He seems to admire his mother, as his description points out he "takes on the name of being the Phoenix Of fashion like is mother".

If he isn't too interested in you, he can be rude or snobbish at times.

Interest In Fashion Edit

Rocco enjoys luxury, the more expensive your outfit, the more impressed he often is.

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