Once the player has inherited Mira Luna from Michaela, they are able to remodel it and make it their own. They may remodel for free once she has done so courtesy of Harris, but afterword, it will cost them to make any changes they wish.


 A player may change three main components of their shop: Shop Window, Exterior, and Shop Interior. The Exterior and Window have several sub-options to change style and appearance of their parts, however, the Interior has only options for the entirety of the inside, as opposed to multiple sub-options.


Shop Window

 -Backdrop: The background for the display window
 -Display: Items placed inside the window along with the mannequin
 -Floor: The floor in the display window
 -Window Stencils: Images etched into the display window


 -Shop Style: The building's exterior wall design, along with a window on the second floor
 -Shop Front: The flooring and outdoor items at the entrance of the store
 -Entrance: The door and window design at the entrance
 -Signboard: Headboard that displays the shop's name


 Although there are no sub-options for parts of the store's interior, there are multiple themes that change the entirety of it and attract customers who like that style:
 -Punk rock

The Princess interior theme.