Reed (PAL: Florian) is Daisy's big brother who runs the flower stand in the park during the night, and he is extremely dedicated to both flowers and his sister. He will occasionally give you flowers for free, and you can display them in your house. Like other characters, he will sometimes shop at your boutique and will take you on several outings like certain customers.


His little sister claims he's the greatest brother in the world!

PAL: The flower stall owner's son. Great big brother!


Reed has a black, fringed swept forward cut. In contrast to his sister, he is tall and has smaller eyes. He usually wears hoodies.

Style InterestEdit

He likes Contemporary and Basic styles.



  • April: Good evening! I think I can feel it getting warmer daily!
  • April: Good evening! So it's finally spring! That winter seemed to go on for ages!
  • July: Good evening! Whew, we're well and truly into the height of summer now!
  • November: Good evening! Feels like autumn is starting to wind to a close.
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