Cover of Nuances

Nuances is the fashion magazine in the game. It is accessible from your Cell Phone. Nuances is not available at the start of the game: You must unlock your cell phone and play to the contests to unlock it.

There are 5 sections of Nuances: Rococco's Raves, Street Snaps, Get It First, Makeup Tips, and Must-Have Hair.

Teagan is the photographer for Nuances, and she will sometimes take your photo for the next issue. This is marked as an exclamation point on the map. If you win a fashion contest at the Contest Hall you will make the next cover of Nuances.

Street SnapsEdit

Street Snaps features photos of local outfits taken by Teagan. These outfits can be bought directly from Nuances.  Also, you may appear in Street Snaps if Teagan takes your photo on the map. This event occurs randomly.

Makeup TipsEdit

Makeup Tips features a recommended makeup set for different styles. Unlike Street Snaps, the makeup cannot be bought directly from the magazine and you cannot be featured in the section.

Must-Have HairEdit

Must-Have Hair features a recommended hairstyle for the season. The player cannot be featured in this section.

Rococco's RavesEdit

Rococco will write a comment based on your recent contest performance at the Contest Hall. If you won a contest recently, your photo will be featured here.

Get It First!Edit

Get It First! features new upcoming items for the season. These items will be new to the season so you will have the opportunity to buy these items first directly from Nuances.