Player Character lounging around the apartment.

The apartment is the home of the player. Here, they can change their clothes, makeup and room, save, and change the time of day to Morning or Night, depending on what time of day it is. It is on the bottom part of the map , right below the player's shop.

Rearranging FurnitureEdit

Once Harris and the Furniture Shop have been unlocked, you are given the option of changing the room in the apartment. These changes don't affect anything within the game, and are purely for the fun of it.  In the apartment, the player can be seen doing various things around the apartment, from being on the laptop, to laying on the bed, to looking at wall decorations. Furniture, once bought, can change colors in this menu, instead of having to buy a seperate piece of furniture in a different color.

Changing ClothesEdit

Everything that the player owns, either from being bought at the Buyer's Center or being won at the Contest Hall, will be displayed here. Dressing up is the same thing as dressing a customer or mannequin, where the player can search thought categories, remove clothes, and see everything that is possible to be worn. Men's Clothes will not show up as able to be worn. Clothes that are bought or won are delivered by Brad once the player enters the apartment. Changing clothes once a day will give the player happiness.

Applying MakeupEdit

When Ingrid opens up her Makeup Studio, you will be able to buy cosmetics. Some are already offered upon starting the game. Applying makeup once a day will give the player happiness.