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Ingrid at the Station Plaza on Christmas

Ingrid is a cosmetologist at the Makeup Studio which she opens around the same time as Celeste‘s Hair Salon. She is also the spokesperson for one of the first two brands she opens, ADELIA.

She is often seen at the park with Celeste, despite the two of them being "complete opposites", according to their description. She is one of the many people you can get your picture taken with at the Elite Contest.​


She gets her makeup skills from her grandmother, who is also a makeup artist.


Ingrid has a Blonde Fringed-Ponytail. Her makeup consists of a salmon eyeshadow with dark grey eyelashes. Her eyes are pale brown and her lipstick is dark pink.

Style InterestsEdit

She will compliment you on a Feminine outfit, and will buy a Feminine, Girly, or Bold outfit.


Ingrid says a lot in Style Savvy: Trendsetters, but mostly she talks about makeup.

Greeting: "Welcome, [player]. Please take your time"

Good-bye: "Thank you.  Come back anytime."

Make-up StudioEdit

  • Anytime:  "If you're not sure, I recommend ADELIA"
  • Anytime:  "Don't hesitate to ask if you need something."
  • Anytime:  "Hello, [player]!"
  • July:  "The weather has been much hotter lately"
  • July:  "We can find you a makeup that will beat that heat."
  • July:  "The right makeup is important, even in summer."
  • November: '"Autumn hues will be perfect in the autumn season."
  • Anytime/November: "Please feel free to browse."
  • November: "The wearther has gotten quite chilly recently."
  • November: "The days really are getting quite short now."

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