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The player with India

India (PAL: Elena) is a part-time waitress at the cafe.  She is more likely to visit your boutique if you come to the cafe often.


She's a waitress at the cafe and has a thing for dinosaurs.


India's hairstyle is an updo with Ginger Snap as both the main colour and highlights.  She has light grey eyeshadow and purple mascara and  grey eyes.  Her blush and lips are pink.

In the PAL version, Elena has tanned skin in contrast to India's pale skin.

Style InterestsEdit

India style interests are Basic and Girly clothing.


India has regular greetings at the cafe, but also changes dialogue with the seasons.

Greeting: "Hey there!  Make yourself at home!"

Good-bye: "Thank you very much!  I'll be seeing you!"


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