HNI 0039

Harris in his Furniture Shop

Harris works at the Furniture Shop.  Harris likes Michaela, but may invite you to the Restaurant at the Hotel.  He will come see you at the Elite Contest or International Contest and has the option to take a photo with the player at the end of the competition.


 He owns the local furniture shop, but his place is minimalist.


Harris has sleeked-back Cool Blonde hair with Sandy Blonde highlights and  dark-blue eyes.  In his regular outfit he wears glasses and a grey gradient t-shirt along with a shiny grey jacket.  

Style InterestsEdit

Harris is interested in Luxury clothing.

He also likes monochrome clothing.


Greeting: "Hey there, player.  How lovely to see you!"

New Items:  "We've just had some new items delivered, so please take your time to look around!"

Good-bye: "Thank you so very kindly.  Your business is my absolute pleasure!   I do hope you'll come back soon."

Furniture ShopEdit

Ask Request in BoutiqueEdit

In Dressing RoomEdit

Correct RequestEdit

"Yeah! This is just my thing!"

Wrong RequestEdit

Pricey RequestEdit

Too ColdEdit

Too HotEdit

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