The Fashion Plaza is the place where you can set up your online shop to sell to other players who have Style Savvy: Trendsetters via the Internet. You must have an internet connection set up in order to use this application on your cellphone.

Using the Fashion PlazaEdit

There are several things one can do once connected. You can set up your Online Shop, revieve Stylist Picks, or go shopping in the Fashion Plaza. Items bought from the fashion plaza will always be 50% of what it would be if bought in-game.

Your Online ShopEdit

The online shop is where you can sell clothing to other players around the world who also have the game. Setting up your online store is easy. It is basically done as though you're dressing up a mannequin in your store within the game. You can set up to 3 outfits, and the prices are determined just like within the game--adding up all of the individual peices of clothing.

As a shop owner, you can create a new outfit, or delete the mannequin altogether. You can also set up a message and change your shop's wallpaper by using the "Shop Settings" tab at the bottom of the touchscreen. the "Log" tab shows you what you have done, who liked your outfits and who bought them. If you bookmark another store, it will also tell you when that store has created another outfit. You can also visit the shops of those who liked or purchased your outfits this way by clicking the blue shopping cart.

On the top screen, it shows you the current mannequin you are looking at, the theme of the outfit, the price, how many people have loved it and how many people have bought it. It also shows you how many people have "loved" your store (measured by adding up all of the loves you've gotten so far, also miswritten as "Love for this outfit"), how many total purchases you've gotten, visitors, visitors you've gotten since going to the Fashion Plaza, and the name of the store manager. The top left corner shows the name of the store, the top right shows your Shop Code, and the bottom displays your message in a scrolling text.

Shopping in the PlazaEdit

This is where you can visit all of the other online shops. On the left side is the Staff Pick section, which shows popular stores that also fit in with a theme, which is displayed on the top screen. Clicking the mannequin displayed will take you to that shop, while clicking "Details" will take you to a page with many mannequins belonging to different shops. The Staff Picks and themes will always be different each day.

In New Outfits, you see the most recently created outfits. Because this is done by "newest", if a person creates outfits for all of their mannequins, each one will show up as opposed to one mannequin per shop. Clicking "More" will give you a page of eight outfits that were newly created.

When searching, you can search based off Criteria, Shop Code, Bookmarks or Profile Card.

  • Searching by Criteria will give you up to three options you can use to narrow down your results. You can narrow it down by Taste, Season, Brand, Color, and by Category. EX: "Includes a base layer" can also be narrowd down to Bikini Top, Tube Top, Polo Shirt, etc.
  • Searching by Shop Code will take you to a shop directly. All shop codes will follow this pattern:[Letter][Number][Number][Letter][Number][Number[Letter][Number][Number]. EX: W33V49Q69.
  • Bookmarks will give you a list of shops you bookmarked in order to only find shops that you have liked before. To add a shop to your bookmark, simply click the "add bookmark" tab at that shop. To remove it, click it again.
  • Profile Cards take you to the shops belonging to people you have exchanged Profile Cards with. You can only do this via Streetpass.

Being at another player's store is very similar to being at your own, only from the customer's point of view. You can see their Log, how many people have loved their store, and the mannequins they have presented. Under the mannequins, instead of "Create/Delete" an outfit, you have the option of "Love it!" and "Add to Cart". Loving an outfit shows support, while adding it to the cart allows you to purchase it. Word of Caution: When buying an outfit from the Fashion Plaza, you pay for the entire thing, regardless if you already have an article of clothing. Keep this in mind when purchasing. You also get the option of seeing the manager's profile, which will show you a picture of their choosing on the top screen, and their profile on the bottom screen.

Stylist PicksEdit

These are the outfits that those who you streetpass created for you. [Need more Information.]