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The player with Emmylou

Emmylou (PAL: Harriet) is your co-worker at Mira Luna in the beginning of the game, but later becomes your fashion rival, soon after you get your shop. The player always seems to be one step behind Emmylou, up until Elite, in which you finally seem to catch up. Emmylou seems to have a somewhat shy, flustered attitude, often getting embarassed when complimented for her fashion skills. She's kind of Michaela's dress-up doll at first, often being forced into various styles of outfits that Michaela wants you to see in the beginning, as part of the tutorial. She doesn't complain. She's never angry or jealous of the player, despite being your rival. She even tries to encourage you sometimes. Emmylou is another one of the many people who you can see at the Elite and International Contest and have your picture taken with. It is being researched what kind of outfit she will compliment you on.


She's a friendly, stylish girl with a keen eye for fashion. She appears to be your friend, despite the fact that she is your rival.

Appearance Edit

Emmylou, after she leaves Mira Luna, begins wearing her hair in the Swept-Back Tousled style, with a dark blonde color, and slightly lighter highlights. She wears different outfits for different seasons. She is said to be fond of wearing vests, skirts, and long-sleeved blouses.

Style InterestsEdit

Emmylou is interested in Feminine and Luxury fashions.


None/Being researched



  • Emmylou is never seen without makeup
  • Emmylou is like a Rival although a friend at the same time
  • Emmylou looks up to Michaela
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