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The player with Daphne

Daphne is the regular greeter at the Buyer's Center and serves as a guide for shoppers or points out when new things have been added. 

At times she may also join you at the Elite Contest or International Contest and be an option to take a photo with at the end of the competition.

She will compliment you if you are wearing a Feminine or Luxury outfit.



She is very friendly and relaxed, serious about her job to make sure to provide you with everything you may need.


Daphne has sepia-colored hair in a classic bob cut. Her makeup is very soft pink, including her blush, lips, and eyeshadow. She has grey eyes and wears basic black mascara.

Style InterestsEdit

Feminine, Luxury


Daphne has regular greetings at the Buyer Center, but also changes dialogue with the seasons.

Greeting: "Good morning!  Welcome to the Buyer's Center!"

Good-bye: "Thank you.  Come back anytime."

Buyer's CenterEdit

  • July: "Toward the middle of summer, it's all new, new, new!"
  • November: "The whole city's gearing up for the winter season!"
  • December: "This year is coming to a stylish end."
  • January:' "Happy New Year!"

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