Daisy (PAL: Flora) is a fortune teller at the park and is Reed's younger sister. She appears in the daytime and might make an appearance at your shop as a customer.


She loves flowers as much as telling fortunes.
PAL: Looks after the flower stall. Likes mints.


Daisy has blunt fringed straight hair with dark brown coloring and highlights. She has big brown eyes, and her makeup consists of coral eyeliner and pink blush. Her clothing varies with the seasons, like most characters.

Style InterestsEdit

Daisy likes Asian-inspired, boho-chic, and basic clothes.


 Greeting: Good morning/afternoon! Thanks for coming, player!

Goodbye: Depending on the color you choose

Fortune telling: "Are you interested in a little fortune telling? All you have to do is tell me which color you're feeling right now! Then I can tell you what flower and lucky item are guiding your day!"

Ask request in boutique:

Right outfit:

Wrong outfit: 

Too pricey:

Too hot:

Too cold:

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