Welcome to the Collected Outfits page!

Here, you can dump any pictures of outfits you found in the Fasion Plaza, to those on your characters' virtual Cell Phone!

We reccomend you use the photos taken with the Cell Phone, as it is good quality while staying legal (without buying a Emulator + ROM), and is also a convenient way to clear-up your SD card! But we will also still accept pictures taken from an external device, if a certain SD card is too full.

Just add your outfits' photos and watch the list grow! Feel free to add any additional notes to your photos!

(Some pics may have a description pop-up if your mouse hovers over it long enough. I just chose to start like this to keep order...)


Kimiko-starter Kimiko-girly-001 L2G-bold-model-001 HNI 0074 Kimiko-new-Ingrid