Celeste at your Apartment door


Celeste is a hairdresser at the Salon in town, which she will announce open a little after you open your shop for the first time. Celeste has been known to be a bit unfocused (as mentioned by one of her co-workers, Xander, who often worries about her because of this) and likes to nap in the afternoons. She is good friends with Ingrid, despite the fact that if you visit her in the park while Ingrid is there with her, it says they are "complete opposites". She seems to take a liking to the player, being happy whether you get your hair done or not. She is also one of the many people you get to see at the Elite Contest and is also a person you can get your picture taken with at the end. She will compliment you if you are wearing an Edgy outfit.


She is confident in her skills as a world-class hairstylist.


Her hairstyle is an Asymmetrical Bob with Black as the main color and Chocolate as the highlights. Her normal outfit consists of a white t-shirt with a dip-front vest in black. She has bright pink blush and purple-ish mascara with a pastel purple eyeshadow. Her lipstick is a shiny brown. Her eyes are a gold color, slightly paler than her highlights.

Style InterestsEdit

She will compliment you on an Edgy style, and will buy Edgy or Bold style clothing.


NOTE: This may not be necessary for minor characters, but may be used for the more major characters, like Avery, Michaela, Celeste, MC Mode, etc.

Greeting: "Hi there How can I help you on this fine morning?"

Haircut: "That looks so great on you! A nice, new style is always refreshing, don't you think? It makes all the difference!" "Best of luck with work today! See ya!"

No Haircut: "No? All right! Be seeing you later, then!"

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