HNI 0064

Avery at the Contest Hall.

Avery (PAL: Lola) is a former fashion model that will always meet you when you visit the Contest Hall. If you win a contest, Avery will meet and talk with you at the Hotel afterward. Avery is another one of the many people who you can see at the Elite and International Contest and have your picture taken with. Avery will compliment you if you wear a luxury outfit.


She's an ambitious former model and current social butterfly. She is very good friends with Michaela, and it is apparent that they worked together in contests past.

Avery also seems to be a bit of a gossip. Whenever you talk with her after winning a contest, she always has something interesting to say about one of the other characters in the game, such as Brad, Emmylou and even MC Mode.

Appearance Edit

Avery's hair is in the Blunt Tousled Bob style, the main color is Darkest Brown and the highlights are Chestnut.  She wears ROKSANA's Thorny Thicket eyeshadow in "Meadow Brown", her eyeliner is "Martian Soil" from ADELIA's Cosmic Line", and her mascara is "Ceylon Ebony", from Naima's Forest Spirit. She also wears the "Strike It Rich" contacts from ADELIA's Nine Lives, her blush makeup is "Classical Ballet" from Zhade's Evening Entertainment, and her lipstick is Socialite's "It Girl" from ADELIA.

Style InterestsEdit

Avery is interested in Luxury fashions.


None/Being researched