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Anime MZKI
• 1/12/2015


There are not any Userboxes on the Wiki So, I Made them. Here are some of them.

How to use a Userbox

Userboxes can be put on your profile to show you like something,
First, as an example this user box called {{Userbox:Michaela}}
On your profile (Wherever you want) 
Type the Userbox you want to use. 

Userbox Names

Each userbox i made, i put 
On it. 
On every Userbox (You have to do this part) put {{ }} 
and the words in the middle





List Of Userboxes

Okay now that you known that, time to use them! here are the ones.





And they look like....

This user loves Michaela!
This user loves Emmylou!
This user is a New Editor! A new editor on the Wiki!
This user is a Huge fan for Style Savvy Trendsetters!
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Anime MZKI
• 1/12/2015

If your looking for more Userboxes or Infoboxes Check my Sandbox. That's Basically like my Practice place. Here it is! User:Anime MZKI/Sandbox

See Ya! :3

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